online/phone/video therapy

What is Teletherapy?


Teletherapy or online/telephone therapy is a great option for people that are unable to travel to see a therapist or prefer the comfort & safety of their own home, as opposed to a therapist’s office.

Online and telephone therapy could be the right approach if:

  • You don’t have local access to therapists with advanced training in a specialized area such as sex therapy or specific modalities such as couples therapy.

  • You are unable to travel because of a disability.

  • You have a very hectic schedule and unable to carve out time for an in person session.

  • You prefer the safety and comfort of your home over a therapist’s office.

  • You are concerned about your privacy and do not want to be seen entering or leaving a therapist’s office.


Advantages of Online/Phone Therapy

Access to specialized services

The biggest advantage of online/telephone therapy is access to a therapist that is trained in a super-specialized area and has advanced training in specific modalities. Most therapists are generalists—they are trained to help people struggling with general concerns such as anxiety, depression, stress, mood issues etc. However, for problems such as erectile dysfunction, orgasm issues, painful sex, low libido—you need to work with a specialist with specialized training in helping people with similar issues. Similarly, couples facing infidelity or high conflict require the assistance of a therapist with advanced training in couples counseling and at times, it is difficult to find someone in the neighborhood or vicinity with such training. 

Eliminate travel

By having access to counseling online, you don’t have to factor in the time needed to travel to and from the therapist’s office. This is very helpful for people with disabilities or jam-packed schedules. It also eliminates any scheduling conflicts and the stress of rearranging your schedule, especially if it changes often in an unpredictable manner. Online and telephone counseling is also a very efficient option for couples with young children because they don’t have to arrange child care. 

Greater sense of comfort

You don’t have to leave the comfort of your home to have access to a therapist. You can feel safe and supported by the familiarity of being in your own space while working through difficult issues. You can be in the presence of your pets and other items of comfort such as pillows and blankets- an advantage that you don’t have with in person counseling.

Greater privacy

Many clients worry about running into their friends, family or colleagues while entering or leaving a therapist’s office. Online and telephone counseling is a great way to minimize the risk of that happening. Also, by working with a therapist from out of town, you minimize the chances of running into your therapist which could be awkward for some clients.


Start with a Consultation

I am licensed to provide telephone & online counseling to individuals & couples residing anywhere in the states of California, Pennsylvania & Louisiana. If you live in one of these states and are interested in online counseling, please take advantage of a free phone consultation. During the consultation, I can answer any questions you have about the process and we’ll begin to get to know each other.