Tri-Valley Relationship Therapy, Inc. in the East Bay is a queer-informed, sex positive, and kink/poly friendly practice.


As an AASECT certified Sex Therapist and Couples Counselor my job is to help you be your best and true self in your relationship. I work with couples and individuals to help them heal their relationships, so that they can know that there is one person in this world who loves them and has their back no matter what.

I’m specially trained in evaluating and treating the emotional & mental health issues that impact LGBTQ relationships. I also help couples navigate challenges in polyamorous and BDSM relationships, to practice healthier communication and create a stronger bond. As a minority myself, I’m very familiar with the emotional and mental ramifications of facing prejudice, discrimination, bias, social injustice & adversity.


This practice affirms solidarity with the idea that sexual expression and gender identity are fluid and exist on a spectrum. As a queer-informed practitioner, I aim to provide a safe space for LGBTQQI individuals and couples to explore issues such as:

  • Coming out

  • Navigating stages of sexual identity development

  • Gender identity issues

  • Homophobia and heterosexism

  • Polyamorous/Open relationships

  • Consensual BDSM relationships

  • Loss of sexual connection

  • Infidelity

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Start with a Consultation

Sessions are done in person at my office in Dublin, CA or via phone/video conference. Please take advantage of a free phone consultation to answer any questions you may have about working together. This is also an opportunity to discover if we would be a good fit.