Rebuild and Renew Your Relationship

When you fell in love with your partner years ago, you both imagined a future full of love, happiness and harmony. But now, you both barely speak with each other. The only conversations you have with each other are about logistics—who is picking up the kids or what chores need to be completed.

You both tiptoe around the pain, anger, and resentment, which is like a volcano ready to explode. Neither one of you wants to go there because you don’t want to have the same argument again.

You figure it’s better to keep your feelings to yourself than risk expressing them because the pain of not being heard has become unbearable.


Trust. Connection. Intimacy.

You may both feel lost and don’t know how to find your way back to each other, or if it’s even worth trying. But couples counseling can help you and your partner clarify what you need from each other. It is an opportunity for you and your partner to rebuild trust, connection, and intimacy in your relationship—to learn the tools to bring you closer.


What You Can Expect in Couples Therapy

Couples therapy can help you and your partner:

  • Rebuild your relationship as a true partnership, where you both have each other’s back.

  • Repair your relationship after an affair.

  • Learn how to trust your partner again.

  • Improve your communication skills so you can better get your needs met.

  • Learn how to fight better without the argument getting out of hand.

  • Help you navigate exploring or coming out as a non-monogamous or polyamorous couple.

  • Improve your sexual connection. (Tri-Valley Relationship Therapy, Inc. is a sex positive and kink/poly friendly practice. Learn more about sex therapy HERE.)

  • Strengthen your relationship as an inter-racial/inter-cultural couple. (Learn more HERE.)

It’s important to realize that the outcome in couple’s therapy is different for different couples. For some, it leads to a stronger & secure relationship, and for others it leads to a decision to separate. For most couples, couples therapy is truly the last resort and the issues they are struggling with are very serious. Whatever your challenges, we will work together towards open communication and healthier outcomes.

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Support, Motivation, and Guidance for All Couples

All of us long to feel that we are the most important person for our partners but some of us hold ourselves back because we don’t know how to ask for what we need. We fear that our partners will let us down just like all the others who let us down in our lives before. As a Couples Therapist, my aim is to help you both feel empowered and brave so that you can confidently ask for what need, take ownership of your happiness, and create the relationship and life you want and very much deserve. My clients have shared that their relationship may not always be perfect, but when it’s not they now have the tools to bring each other close again.



Start with a Consultation

Couples therapy and marriage counseling consists of identifying the negative patterns and dismantling the painful cycles that have overpowered the relationship. There is no room for blame or fault that lies with one partner—the idea is to help identify how both partners contributed to the problem, and to prevent the problem from recurring the future.

The best results occur when both you and your partner are able to dedicate yourself to working on your relationship by attending sessions on a weekly and consistent basis. Sessions are done in person at my office in Dublin, CA or via phone/video conference. Continuity, consistency, and momentum can help you break free from the unhealthy patterns that were created over the course of many years, and learn new ways of being with each other.